Wooster Acme 5 Gallon Grid

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The Wooster® Acme Deluxe 5-Gallon Grid allows you to paint directly from the bucket, enabling larger surfaces to be painted more efficiently. Simply dip the roller into the paint, then use the grid to remove any excess paint and evenly load the sleeve. Made from an expanded, zinc-plated steel wire. This sturdy grid features reinforced edges on all sides. In addition to this, it has two hooks designed to hang over the edge of the bucket, keeping the rim clean while securing it in place.

Ideal for

  • Use with 18.9L (5-gallon) paint buckets
  • Roller sleeves up to 230mm (9”) in length


  • Paint straight from the bucket
  • Cut down on time spent refilling and cleaning paint trays
  • Removes excess paint and distributes it evenly
  • Made from an expanded, zinc-plated steel wire
  • Sturdy, reinforced edges on all sides
  • Hooks secure the grid in place
  • Rim of the bucket stays clean


  • 290mm H x 255mm W (11 ½” H x 10” W)

How to Use

  1. Insert the grid into a half-full bucket of paint, hanging the hooks over the side of the rim.
  2. Check that the grid is secure, then you are set to go.
  3. When using the grid, ensure that you begin at the top of the grid screen, go down and then back up again. Repeat this to remove any excess paint and evenly distribute paint across the applicator.

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