Wooster 1 Gallon Grid

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The Wooster® 1-Gallon Grid allows you to paint directly from the can, removing any excess paint and distributing it evenly across the sleeve. It is suitable for roller sleeves up to 115mm (4 ½-inches) or smaller. Although designed to fit a 3.78L (1-gallon) metal paint can, it also works well with larger cans and buckets. It has two hooks, designed to hold the grid in place while providing an optimal rolling angle. Made from a green polypropylene material. The paint grid is durable and can withstand solvents as well as paint build-up. In addition to this, it won’t rust like some traditional paint grids and is super easy to clean. It also has a slot at the top, which can be used to hold the roller frame in place.

Ideal for

  • Use with 3.78L (1-gallon) or larger metal paint cans
  • Roller sleeves up to 115mm (4 ½”) in length


  • Paint straight from the can
  • Removes excess paint and distributes it evenly
  • Hooks secure grid in place
  • Optimal rolling angle
  • Made from durable, green polypropylene
  • Resists solvent and paint build-up
  • Easy to clean, never rusts
  • Slot to hold roller frame
  • Rim of the can stays clean


  • 230mm H x 135mm W (9” H x 5 ¼” W)

How to Use

  1. Insert the grid at a 45° angle into a half-full paint can until hooks meet the outside can rim.
  2. Press hooks down to lock into place.
  3. Straighten grid into upright position.
  4. To remove it, simply tilt the bottom of the grid to the front of the can, then lift the grid up and out.

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