Water Shield

Size: 0.914m x 91m
Sale price$189.00


Protect expensive flooring from paint, water and more. Twice as thick and more durable than craft paper. Water Shield is the superior alternative to red rosin and generic masking papers. This heavy-duty protective paper is made from two very strong craft papers laminated with a nylon scrim reinforcement. Water Shield does not tear under normal site traffic and prevents water and other liquids from soaking through to damage flooring. Utilise the benefits of this construction grade craft paper at your next jobsite.

Ideal for

  • Protects hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, travertine and more


  • Non-staining
  • Made from two strong craft papers laminated with nylon scrim reinforcement
  • Does not tear under normal traffic wear
  • Available in sizes; 0.914m, 1.22m and 1.52m

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