Trade Microfibre 6mm Smooth Roller Sleeve

Size: 230mm
Pack Size: 1
Sale price$7.95


Haydn® Microfibre Smooth 6mm Nap Roller Sleeves are best used for walls, ceilings, GIB board, plaster smooth wallpaper and hardboard. Suitable for water and oil based paints and polyurethane. Microfibre technology has revolutionised paint roller sleeves. The finish from microfibre rollers has been likened to a spray finish, there is no splatter or dripping.

Ideal for:

  • Use on walls, ceilings, GIB board, plaster, smooth wallpaper and hardboard
  • Water and oil


  • Available in Haydn® Trade range
  • Available in sizes 230mm, 270mm, 360mm and 450mm
  • Available in single sleeve and 3 pack


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