Premium Roller Frame


The Haydn® Premium Roller Frame is made with a durable nylon cage which is reinforced with fibreglass and comes complete with end caps. The chrome plated shaft is set at a 90° angle and finished with an ergonomically designed handle with a universal thread to fit all standard extension poles. Smooth rolling bearings eliminate wear ensuring it is a long-lasting roller frame. One of our favourite features of this handle is the quick release retaining spring that prevents roller slippage but also allows for a one-tap removal. Simply bang the shaft on the edge of a sturdy bucket and the sleeve will come off. This eliminates mess and the need to grab hold of a paint laden roller.

Suitable for

  • Use with any suitable sized Haydn roller sleeve


  • Allows handsfree removal
  • Remove roller with one firm tap
  • Universal thread
  • Chrome plated shaft