230mm Premium Paint Tray

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The Haydn 230mm Premium Paint Tray is made using virgin plastic, which gives maximum durability. This means less cracking or warping when you are working with or moving the tray. It is perfect for roller sleeves up to 230mm in length and can be used with both water and enamel-based paints. There is a built-in roll-off area to remove excess paint from the sleeve and wells on either side for paint run-off. It can hold up to 1.25L of paint at a time and has a slot to hold the roller frame in place.

Ideal for

  • Roller sleeves up to 230mm in length
  • All water and enamel-based paints


  • Made from virgin plastic for maximum durability
  • Built-in roll-off area with wells on either side
  • Holds up to 1.25L of paint at a time
  • Slot to hold roller frame in place

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