Paint Mixing Cup 2240ml

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Haydn® Paint Measuring Cup allows you to achieve the correct mixtures of paint and lacquer prior to application. The measuring cup has a 2240ml capacity. It is transparent and printed with several mixing ratios for accurate measuring. The numbers are staggered so that you simply pour one liquid on top of the other to reach the correct proportion. There are calibrations showing volume (in millilitres) and mixing ratios (2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1). Apart from being extremely accurate, these calibrations can be read from the inside and outside of the cup. The measuring cups are also stackable to save space and keep clean.


  • Accurately mixing paint and lacquer
  • Car body painting industry
  • Easy mixing with ratio measurements provided
  • Plastic grade 5 PP
  • Transparent design which makes it easy to recognise the paint or lacquer colour by clear PP body
  • Very smooth on the inside allowing complete mixing
  • Accurate calibrations and mixing ratios in millilitres and ratios
  • 2240ml capacity



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