Heavy-Duty Paint Tray

Size: 230mm
Sale price$11.95


The Haydn® Heavy-Duty Paint Tray has all the features designed to make painting easy, packed into one high-quality product. It has two handy edge compartments to hold paint brushes and tools. As well as a slot at each end of the tray to hold the roller in place. It features a built-in roll-off area for removing excess paint, as well as a deep paint well. If you are short on time or simply want to avoid the hassle of clean-up, then liners are the solution for this. The liners are made specifically for the Haydn® Heavy Duty Paint Trays, which means they are guaranteed to have a nice snug fit.

There are three sizes available; 230mm, 270mm and 360mm. The 230mm and 270mm trays are made from durable polypropylene and feature edge compartments and roller slots. The 230mm tray can hold up to 2L of paint at a time, while the 270mm can hold up to 3.78L. The 360mm tray is made from a type of polystyrene that is both rigid and lightweight. It doesn't feature the edge compartments or roller slots, but it does share the same deep well and roll-off area. Similar to the 270mm tray, it also has the capacity to hold up to 3.78L of paint at a time.


    • Suitable for all paint types 
    • Built-in roll-off area with grooves to aid loading
    • Deep paint well reduces the need to refill
    • Wide and stable base to ensure it won’t tip over
    • 230TRAYHD & 270TRAYHD
      • Two handy compartments to store brushes and tools
      • Slot at each end of the tray to hold roller frames
      • Made from a durable polypropylene
      • 230mm tray holds 2L of paint, and the 270mm holds 3.78L
      • Compatible liners available (230TRAYL & 270TRAYL)
    • 360TRAYHD
      • Made from a rigid and lightweight polystyrene
      • Holds up to 3.78L of paint at a time 

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