Haydn Steel Wool


Haydn has a full range of steel wool for all your surface preparation needs. 



  • Available in 7 Grades: 
    • Coarse: Stripping, strips varnish, lacquer and paint, rodent control.
    • Medium Coarse: Paint and varnish removal, remove wax build up.
    • Medium: Prepare wood for painting, cleans copper pipe and bowling balls.
    • Fine: Household grade - scour pots and pans, clean porcelain, tile and grout.
    • Very Fine: Polish bright metals, repair burn marks on wood or leather.
    • Extra Fine: Smoothing and polishing, sand between coats, remove wax.
    • Super Fine: Finishing grade - smoothest lacquer, varnish & shellac.
  • Excellent for hard to clean items
  • 6 Pack