Haydn Radial Sander Replacement Disc 6 Pack


Radial Sander Replacement Disks 230mm (9”). Reduces sanding time and increases control. Durable anti-clog sanding disks wear evenly. Use with a Haydn® 230mm Radial Sander.

80 Grit (Coarse): Heavy sanding, roughing up surfaces, fascia’s and weatherboards.

120 Grit (Medium): Smoother sanding, removing imperfections, use on plaster patching.

150 Grit (Medium/Fine): Final sanding for plaster walls prior to painting. 

180 Grit (Fine): Use on gloss paints between coats and fine sanding work. 

220 Grit (Extra Fine): Smoother finish with skim coats or final plaster sanding. 


  • Sanding made fast and easy
  • Quick change hook and loop system
  • 5 grits available
  • 230mm wide
  • 6 pack