Haydn Floor Armour

Size: 30mx660mm
Sale price$129.00


Haydn Floor Armour is an ideal protection solution - tough, recyclable, water-resistant, breathable and fast and flat to lay out. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and machinery and can defend against water, paint, mud and more. Get this durable surface protection in 30mx660mm or 30mx965mm, and you can feel good knowing it's eco-friendly!

Ideal for

• Protecting surfaces against water, paint, mud and more


• Durable for the toughest projects
• Lays out flat
• Water resistant
• Breathable
• 100% recyclable
• Eco-friendly

Available sizes

• 30mx660mm
• 30mx965mm


• Board to board - use our Seam Tape
• Board to floor - use our Edge Tape

*It is always advised that you do a test stripe before full application in an inconspicuous area

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