GlovePlus Nitrile Heavy Duty Exam Gloves

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These extra thick (8 mil thick) and extra long (12") exam grade gloves provide added protection for the wrist and lower forearm. Latex-free gloves have the highest chemical and puncture resistance. This range of Nitrile heavy duty gloves offer superior protection and strength over standard gloves. Box contains 50 textured exam gloves. Store at temperatures below 40C. Open box should be shielded from exposure to direct sunlight, intense artificial light, x-ray machines, and sources of ozone.



  • Maintains excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Provides added protection for the wrist and lower forearms
  • Powder free, Non-sterile
  • Extra Thick - 8 MIL Extra Long 12"
  • Size - Medium, Large and XL
  • Use - Single use only
  • Colour - Blue