EDMA Light

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The EDMA Light is a LED Surface Inspection Lamp designed to highlight defects like bumps, cavities and imperfections on walls and ceilings. With a head that tilts 100° and swivels 140°, in addition to offering 39m of wide spectrum coverage, this practical light will help you achieve better quality results faster.

The EDMA Tripod or Extension Pole can be attached to the lamp to provide optimum visibility, height and detection of defects. The EDMA Light and its accessories are the perfect add-on to the EDMA Blade Range.

The EDMA Light is not a traditional lamp and should not replace a traditional lighting system on the job site.

Ideal for

  • Highlighting defects
  • Use between paint layers to spot imperfections
  • Taping and sanding jobs
  • Painting jobs
  • Level 5 skimming


  • Head Tilts 100° and swivels 140° allowing optimum comfort during use
  • 39cm width offers a wide spectrum of coverage
  • Soft grip material head ensures it is anti-slip and leaves no markings on the walls
  • Cool white (6000 K) coloured light source for the best visibility
  • LED L70B20 gives you over 30k hours of use
  • 80% of charge achieved within 2 hours
  • Lightweight (1.94kg) and cordless

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