Rust Oleum

Custom Lacquer

Matte Pearl White
Matte Emerald Green
Matte Racing Orange
Chrome Black
Gloss Navy
Matte Black
Matte Clear
Matte Red

Rust-Oleum Custom Lacquer is an acrylic based paint perfect for automotive projects. Designed for use on a number of surfaces such as plastic, chrome and metal, the lacquer formula is fast drying, allowing you to complete your projects faster. Custom Lacquer is highly durable and provides long lasting protection making it suitable for both interior and exterior use. Available in a huge range of colours, you're sure to find the right paint for your next project in the Rust-Oleum Custom Lacquer range.


  • Lacquer formula dries faster than traditional enamels, for quicker and easier project completion
  • New, durable formula provides long lasting protection with excellent coverage.
  • Perfect for automotive accent projects like rims, striping, and interiors
  • Easy to apply over any number of surfaces including metal, chrome, and plastic.