8ft Container Office

Sale price$5,999.00


Container 8ft HC
1 x personnel door and window,
End doors 
Lock box


  • Delivered anywhere in New Zealand
  • 3 double-glazed windows
  • Ideal for temporary or permanent use
  • Steel framed construction
  • Container style handles
  • Hook pockets for easy transport
  • Lockable side security door
  • Wood panel flooring


  1. Construction sites for storing tools and equipment
  2. Emergency and disaster relief
  3. Home renovation projects for secure storage
  4. Landscaping and gardening business storage
  5. On-site storage for sports and recreational equipment
  6. Equipment storage for agricultural and farming operations
  7. Overflow inventory storage for businesses


CONSTRUCTION:Steel framed construction with 50mm insulated panel walls and non-porous, easy-to-clean surfaces

WINDOWS & DOORS: Features three operable, double-glazed windows for ventilation and natural light

TRANSPORT: Designed for easy transport with forklift pockets and crane lifting roof mount lugs

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